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"No," she answered.

"I beg your pardon."   He took a step toward her, and she
gave ground,   " I've a right to see her.  Every right."
"You have forfeited any right," she announced.
" I've every right," he said.   " I want to see her."
"I should'think shame would forbid," she retorted, her
high-pitched voice breaking a little.   She brought her hands
together in front of her and clenched them.
" Shame-----" he began.

" Shame," she repeated. " After what you did. To come
here, after what you did, whatever it was. She won't tell
me. Not a word. But she sat in a chair and cried, hour after
hour, Mr. Percy Munn; that's what she did, and that's what
you made her do, Mr. Percy Munn, and now you want to see
her, you-----"

"Is she sick?" he asked.

"It's not your affair, but she lies there in bed, with her
beautiful golden hair out over the pillow, and the tears run
down her cheeks. Fd think you would sink through the floor
with shame, Mr. Percy Munn, or put a bullet through your
head. If I were a man Fd do it for you. Like my father,
the General"

"I want to see her," he said, somewhat abstractedly.

" No," she rejoined.

He advanced toward the door, but she blocked him, their
bodies nearly touching.

"No!" she repeated, with a ring, as of long-deferred joy,
in her voice.

"Fm going to see her," he insisted, and she put out her
arms to bar the doorway.

He seized her by the wrist. Even at the moment he knew
how ice-cold the flesh of her wrist was. Her whole body
shook. *' Remember 1" she exclaimed. " Remember you're a
gentleman—if you are one!"

He did not release hen

"Take your filthy hands off me," she said.

Still he did not release her.   Instead, he looked into her